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Intermodal freight utilizes multiple modes of transportation — from cargo ships to trucks and trains — to move your goods efficiently and at a lower cost.

As an intermodal marketing company (IMC) with standing contracts with the Class I railroads, we can help you:

Our specialists make intermodal easy by guiding you through scheduling, implementing best practices to mitigate accessorial fees and managing your shipment from the loading dock to the final destination. And if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you can cut your CO2 emissions by over 30% with intermodal compared to over-the-road shipping alone.

What Makes Us Different

Intermodal containers in rail yard.

Large, Centralized Marketplace

Work with a leading intermodal marketing company for access to our centralized marketplace of freight and rail solutions. Whether you’re moving a spot load in a tough lane or finding Peak Season coverage, we can provide you with better capacity and purchasing power.

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Dedicated Support

Whether you’re new to intermodal shipping or it’s already an integral part of your network, our trained team of intermodal logistics specialists will get you the capacity, pricing and insights you need to have a diversified and sustainable carrier base.

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Network Optimization

We run network analyses to help customers identify modal conversion opportunities, cut CO2 emissions and scale up or down with your volume. Our digital tools let you access real-time visibility, tracking updates, load details and more for all your shipments.

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