Q3 Freight Market Forecast:
Can Cost Stability Continue?

Freight transportation costs have remained stable for several quarters in a row, but this may not be the case for too much longer.

We’ve been in a shippers’ market since late 2022, but we’re seeing signs that a carrier’s market may be coming sooner rather than later. Whether or not freight volumes spike, capacity is leaving the market, setting up a potential supply and demand imbalance later in the year.

Our panel of supply chain experts present our latest Coyote Curve® truckload spot rate index and discuss the trends that will shape the freight market in the second half of 2024.

They cover:

  • Latest Coyote Curve index (spot truckload & contract rate forecast).
  • North American freight market trends, including truckload, intermodal and LTL.
  • Projections for the start of the next freight market cycle.
  • An in-depth look at retail supply chain trends.
  • Produce season trends and summer weather to watch.


  • Jess Dankert, VP, Supply Chain, RILA
  • Ben Steffes, VP, Sales & Solutions, Coyote Logistics
  • Brad Gilligan, VP, Strategy, Coyote Logistics
  • Kyle Reynertson, Director, Research, Coyote Logistics

Confronting Cargo Theft:
Trends to Watch & Security Tips to Follow

Cargo thefts have been on the rise in North America since 2023, and we want to help do our part to curb them.

We’ve put together a panel of freight security experts from Coyote and CargoNet to help bring you up to speed on the current threat environment and the best ways to keep your freight safe. The threats out there today are both physical and digital, and we want you to be able to identify them, proactively avoid potential incidents and respond intelligently when the worst does happen.

Topics include:

  • The most common freight security threats we’re seeing this year.
  • Cybersecurity and data management best practices.
  • Tips for scheduling smartly, verifying identities and protecting your physical cargo.
  • Getting buy-in for security best practices up and down your supply chain (including with vendors).
  • How to know you’re working with a provider who cares about your security.


  • Keith Lewis, VP, Operations, CargoNet
  • Jack Gerstner, SVP, Coverage, Coyote Logistics
  • Jodi Morrow, Director, Mid-Market Sales, Coyote Logistics