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To outsource or build in-house?

It’s not an easy choice. Choosing the right strategy will help you out-ship your competition, while the wrong one will lead to lost customers and a bloated budget.

If you’re looking for a little guidance as you seek the right blend of in-house capabilities and outsourced providers in your supply chain, start by using your peers.

Get data-backed insights from supply chain decision makers at over 500 companies.

What You’ll Learn in This Original Research Study

  • Outsourcing vs. in-house: shippers’ ideal approach across 21 areas of supply chain management
  • How the executive leadership is investing in supply chain
  • Post-pandemic trends in outsourcing
  • What shippers look for in a 3PL
  • If shippers think supply chain consultants are worth it

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80% of shippers outsource at least some of their carrier procurement

Study Demographics

We worked with a 3rd party research firm to survey over 500 supply chain decision makers.

  • Businesses ranged in size from $250M to over $5B in annual revenue
  • Industries included manufacturers, retailers, automotive, food & beverage, CPG and healthcare shippers
  • 81% were from the U.S., and 19% were from Canada
  • 37% of respondents were managers, 29% were Director or VP, and 26% were executives.

Learn How Your Peers Are Outsourcing

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