Box Trucks Are the Best of Both Worlds

Also called “straight trucks,” they combine the maneuverability of a sprinter van with a larger volume and higher frame suitable for loading dock deliveries. They can range from 10’-26’ in length, making them an ideal choice for larger local deliveries or for smaller shipments you want to move over longer distances that are too sensitive to ship LTL.

Box trucks can accommodate the same types of freight as a dry van — pallets, racks, boxes and even refrigerated freight — just in smaller quantities. Box trucks are agile enough to maneuver tight city streets and traffic and economical enough to help you meet your sustainability goals when used thoughtfully throughout your supply chain.

With our reliable and expansive carrier network, we can find a box truck for you whenever you need it and have it sent wherever you need it to go.

Box truck in city

Benefits of Box Trucks

  • Box trucks are secure, lockable, fully enclosed vehicles. The cabs are also completely separated from the trailer meaning your cargo can’t be accessed by the driver.
  • Box trucks are versatile for loading and unloading. They are great for loading dock deliveries and pick-ups, or when equipped with a liftgate, suitable for any other location.
  • Like sprinter vans, box trucks are widely available. Our ever-growing network spans the U.S., making it easy to tap into the equipment where and when you need it.

Ready to Ship?

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