Small in Size, Big for Your Shipping Strategy

They typically range from 233”-290″ in length, and the carriers who utilize them are often local or regional in terms of their service footprints. These characteristics make sprinter vans a great option for:

We can help you access a carrier with sprinter van capacity to meet your unique shipping or delivery needs. But the real value-add when you book with us is how seamlessly you can connect your sprinter van needs to the other links in your supply chain ­— truckload, LTL, intermodal, anything at all, through a single point of contact.

A man is loading boxes into a Sprinter van

Benefits of Sprinter Vans

  • Sprinter vans can provide direct, point-to-point delivery for your freight, at rates that are much lower than larger equipment like a full truckload dry van.
  • With smaller sizes and low loading heights, sprinter vans can handle tight city streets and small facilities with ease, making deliveries to these areas quick and efficient.
  • Sprinter vans produce lower emissions than the larger Class 8 equipment. This makes them a more sustainable choice when you have smaller cargo to move.

Ready to Ship?

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