Reliable Capacity Solutions for Your Food & Beverage Freight

Running a food and beverage supply chain is not easy — margins are tight, deliveries are strict, and customer demand is seasonal.

You grow, crate, can and bottle the essential products we all rely on. Your supply chain needs experienced refrigerated carriers and national providers you can rely on.

Whether you’re shipping three pallets of craft beer, 30 truckloads of leafy greens or 3,000 annual loads of ice cream, you can trust Coyote’s 15-years of food and beverage experience to cover sensitive freight on-time, in-full.

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Trust a provider that moves over 1,500 refrigerated loads daily from a vetted network of over 20,000 refrigerated carriers.


From farmers and bottlers, to distributors and grocers, shippers trust Coyote to move over 2,500 shipments of their food and beverage freight every day.

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Shipping has never been easier with the CoyoteGO® digital freight platform. Built with small businesses in mind, simply quote, book and track freight as needed.

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Delivered On -Time, In -Full

You need a provider that understands the importance of your customer’s Must-Arrive-by-Date. Every day, Coyote delivers hundreds of on-time loads to leading grocers and wholesale warehouse clubs.

What Makes Us Different

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20,000 Refrigerated Truckload Carriers — All in One Place

You need refrigerated providers that can protect the integrity of the cold chain, ensuring your customers get a reliable, undamaged and safe product.

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Food-Grade Trailers

Coyote understands the importance of product integrity, and do our part in the supply chain to meet the standards set out in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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Reliable Support

When moving food and beverage freight you need the support of a dedicated team that you can count on. Coyote’s specialists are readily available during the day or after-hours to provide responsive quotes and custom solutions for your needs.

Join Over 3,800 Food & Beverage Shippers

Food and beverage shippers, big and small, trust Coyote to make their supply chain easier.

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