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Green means getting creative in your approach to moving and storing goods.

Whether you’re prepping for a warehouse transfer, building a trailer pool for surge shipping, or staging inventory for on-demand fulfillment, you need more than a broker – you need a 3PL provider that can keep your business humming. With access to multiple asset networks, the technology to weave them together and the expertise to integrate them into your business, we build unique, cost-efficient solutions for you.

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Dedicated surge capacity

Scale up fast for special projects and volume spikes. Get consistent carrier capacity and a team of logistics specialists on-site when you need it.

On-Demand Trailer Leasing
On-demand trailer leasing

Get a flexible drop trailer program to keep your network agile. We use UPS equipment and leasing company relationships to help source equipment.

Reliable Fleet Sourcing
Reliable fleet sourcing

Access consistent drop capacity for your high-volume freight. Tap into 650+ private fleets and the power of UPS – one of the world’s largest networks.

Flexible Inventory Storage
Flexible inventory storage

Free up warehouse space and stage product for on-demand fulfillment. We combine leased trailers and power only capacity for more control over your inventory.

Transform your supply chain.

Coyote’s Flex Solutions gives you access to the global UPS network and one of the largest, most efficient procurement networks in the world. We take an integrated approach to solving shippers complex supply chain challenges with solutions built just for your business, including:


Supply Chain Solutions

To help accomplish our large facility relocation, Coyote modeled a custom solution based off their holiday Peak Season support. They coordinated a dedicated pool of contracted carriers, along with on-site representatives. We felt confident in meeting the unique requirements of this inventory transfer because we had an experienced single point-of-contact overseeing it.
A National Auto Tire Distributor
– Regional Transportation Manager

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Ready to optimize your supply chain?

Whether you are preparing for seasonal volume surges and need dedicated carrier capacity, or need an on-site logistics team to help you conquer a special project, we can help.